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Articles on history, science, crime, sport and more

Graded at 5 different levels for English learners

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We make it easy for teachers to provide graded readers for their learners

Read Listen Learn is a great resource for homework as well as running reading circles and other reading projects

We make quality graded readers available for everyone so whether you work independently or in a school or college, you can give your learners access to our library, help them to find their level, recommend stories for them and encourage them to read

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If you're learning English or want to improve your skills, we can help you

Reading for pleasure in English at your own pace at a level you're comfortable with helps you to practice what you've learned.

Reading embeds and deepens your knowledge, making you more fluent and able to process language faster.

The proven benefits of extensive reading

Research has demonstrated the benefits of reading for pleasure for English language learners.

They include increased..

Writing Ability and Spelling
Reading Ability and Speed