We help teachers provide graded readers for their learners

Reading in English is hugely beneficial for people learning English but for many teachers the cost of graded readers makes them unaffordable.

Besides cost though, there are other problems...

  • accessing good, affordable reading materials that are likely to interest learners
  • managing loans and returns
  • replacing damaged books
  • monitoring progress
  • engaging learners and keeping them motivated

These problems often mean that the benefits that easily accessible graded readers provide when setting homework, running reading and listening activities such as reading circles, are not available to many teachers and learners.


Read Listen Learn helps to solve these problems

First, we make quality, affordable graded readers easily available to teachers and their learners, right now they're free in fact.

We also solve many of the problems of running reading activities and projects and provide tools to help teachers focus on teaching...

Our aim is to make the benefits of graded readers and extensive reading easier to deliver to more learners