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You might be learning English to improve your job prospects or you ability to communicate with colleagues or customers.

Maybe you live in an English speaking country and you want to improve your English to help you to get the most out of day to day life.




Maybe you need to improve your English to get a student visa or to qualify to study in the UK.

Or perhaps you're learning English as part of your other studies.




Whatever your reason, learning to read in English is an important part of learning the language but easy reading for pleasure also makes a huge contribution to writing skills, vocabulary, spelling, 17823934_mcomprehension, fluency and general confidence.

That's because reading at your own pace and level enables you to practice what you've learned and to experience the language used in different settings and for different purposes.

This helps to embed and deepen your knowledge, making you more fluent and able to process language faster.

It can improve your grades and it's fun. You choose what you want to read and our service lets you share the experience with friends and family.



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