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The proven benefits of extensive reading

Research has demonstrated the benefits of reading for pleasure for English language learners. They include...

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Articles from our Library
Who Was Lord Lucan?
Suspected of murder, Lord Lucan disappeared more than forty years ago...
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The Bedouin
WITH AUDIO - Read about the nomadic Bedouin of Arabia
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Sultan Suleiman
WITH AUDIO - a brief history of the greatest of the Turkish Sultans
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The Signal
Vsevolod Garshin's cautionary tale of official unfairness that leads to a terrible revenge!
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Tupac Amaru II
Over 200 years ago, a rich man of Indian and European blood rebelled against his colonial rulers...
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An Account of Some Strange Disturbances at Aungier Street
Two friends who move into a house that they don’t have to pay for but with a dark history!
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As a second language learner, I look for stories to read but find it difficult to continue reading as, either the language is too hard, or the stories are too difficult or long. Your website solves the problem.
The man who doesn’t read good books has no advantage over the man who cannot read them
Albert Einstein