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Articles from our Library
AUDIO - the most English of games that is far more popular in India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh
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The Titanic
AUDIO - The story of The Titanic and its single, fateful jourey
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Once There Was a King
AUDIO - Rabindranath Tagore tells a story as a seven-year-old boy listens to his grandmother telling it
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The Stolen Letter
AUDIO - an Edgar Allan Poe detective story with echoes of Sherlock Holmes
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AUDIO - One of the world's most popular drinks. For some it's impossible to start the day without a cup!
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An Account of Some Strange Disturbances at Aungier Street
Two friends who move into a house that they don’t have to pay for but with a dark history!
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I teach university preparation classes in Melbourne, Australia and introduced my students to RLL. They found the articles easy to read, the vocabulary items very useful and they even broadened their knowledge about Science, History, etc. Join RLL!